Artist’s Statement

As a native Vermonter my world view is a product of years of running and hiking through the hills and fields and woods of Vermont. In my paintings I want to recreate the fleeting impressions that these experiences leave in my mind. The changes that the seasons bring to the landscape and the sounds and smells and organic textures of the outdoors inspire me. I like the peaceful calm and slowing pace of fall as our northern world anticipates the snows of winter, a time of contemplation and meditation.


Watercolors are somewhat challenging to control and changes and corrections are difficult to make. When I paint with watercolors I take some time to visualize where I want the key elements of the scene. I sketch in the basics using a watercolor pencil which will blend into the painting as I progress. I work quickly and loosely using a somewhat limited palette. I let the water do its work.

Oil painting is much more forgiving and allows me to use a more relaxed approach. With oils I usually tone the canvas with rose pink and then sketch the basics of my painting with thin ultramarine. Then as with watercolor I work quickly and with loose strokes building layer upon layer using a fairly large brush or knife to try to capture the emotion and impressions of the scene. Gradually the painting begins to tighten up but I try not to lose the freshness of the new painting.

John S. Dimick


copyright John S. Dimick